About Hobsons

Sustainable brewer and creator of award-winning beers

Founded in 1993 by the Davis family, over the past 25 years we have grown to become a leading brewer in Shropshire and one of the most sustainable breweries in the UK. The success of our brewery and its many awards has been down to a strong culture of supporting our region, its people and its resources. At Hobsons we live by a simple ethos which encompasses everything we do:

Locally Sourced - Committed to using locally sourced ingredients where ever possible.
Authentic - Unique beers are a result of the unique way we approach our business and brewing.
Trustworthy - Committed to the highest, honest and ethical standards of business and brewing.
Targeted - Business and brewing with our customer in mind.
Innovative - Strive to look for new ideas and technologies to aid our business.
Environmental - Committed to working toward sustainable and regenerative practices.

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Hobsons brewers are skilled in the dark arts (or is it science) of making great cider too, taming nature and perfectly preserving its fruit.

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