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Fresh Worcestershire Challenger hops have been used to craft this year's Green Hop Beer, a seasonal product with a true local story behind it... 

A window of opportunity to make the ultimate seasonal beer has been seized by our brewers. September celebrates the English Hop Harvest and time is of the essence to get the freshly picked hops from the field to the brewery. Luckily Hobsons being a mere seven miles from the hop yards allows the hops to be picked fresh from the bines at breakfast and transferred into the brewhouse at lunchtime.

 "Green Hop" has been brewed with Worcestershire Challenger hops, a floral yet spicy hop. Being green the hops are not dried in the hop kiln allowing the delicate oils to create a special fresh crispness and aromas.

 This beer is a true form of seasonality and local provenance.

Flavour and Aroma - The 4.2% carbonated Green Hop Beer is made with a single variety Challenger hop. The flavor of Challenger hop in beer is smooth, with floral character and some spice. Some of the sweeter citrus flavors will come through in the beer as well.

Bittering Characteristics - As a bittering hop it provides a refreshing, full-bodied rounded bitterness and as a late hop, it gives a very crisp character.

Available mid September in cask and October in bottle, please email beer@hobsons-brewery.co.uk if you would like to pre order.




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tasting notes...

  • Green Hop
  • Pale, golden
  • Citrus, Cedarwood, Green tea
  • Smooth, with floral character and some spice

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