We are fortunate to have hops yards just seven miles down the road from the brewery.

Living so close to our primary ingredients has helped us form strong relationships with the growers to source the finest hops varieties to brew our award winning beers for you to enjoy.

Over 80% of the hops used are grown in the nearby Teme Valley. Geoff Thompson of Little Lambswick Farm, Eardiston, some seven miles from the brewery, delivers requirements direct from his kiln to ensure that the required bitterness and keeping quality of each brew is covered. Today, The Little Lambswick Partnership accounts for about a tenth of the production from the Tenbury Wells area. Traditionally in excess of 800 hectares were grown in this important hop producing area. Now however, what with more efficient hop use in the brewing process, better growing techniques all be it with the challenges of disease pressures, only around 120 hectares are grown in the Teme Valley and no more than 1000 hectares nationally. Most of the current hopyards are of high wire-work type while some recent plantings use the dwarf system. All in all a 85% area reduction over the past seventy years or so means a niche cropping enterprise. At Hobsons we use the British varieties of Challenger, Progress, Fuggles and Goldings.


Hobsons has signed up to an initiatives called Hopshires which is championing the regions hops, its growers and beers. Hopshires was set up by the counties hop growers and brewers to promote the region's hop-growing prowess and the vital role it plays in the future of British brewing has received backing to continue for a second year. The 'Hopshires' project is a collaboration between the hop growers and brewers of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire to celebrate our hops and the beers made with them. Visit the website for more information.

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